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Brandon Grosvenor wrote this on May 11, 2017 | 0 comments

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In Spite of the Growth in Digital Content Delivery, Canadians Continue to Love Traditional Television.

Is TV still the “King of Media”? This question comes up frequently in the marketing strategy sessions we have with our clients. It’s a relevant question, given all the news we hear about “cord cutting” in favour of switching to online streaming alternatives like Netflix and YouTube. The fact is, from our research we know that TV has remained remarkably resilient as an entertainment choice for consumers. Last year, Canadians spent, on average, more than 27 hours watching traditional TV each week.1

Toronto is the fifth largest TV market in North America, after New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. In Canada, Montreal and Vancouver are the second and third largest markets respectively.2

Your Message Can be Right There

In spite of competition from digital alternatives, traditional TV endures. It’s fun. It moves. It has music. It’s easy to access. Screens are bigger than ever, and many families have several of them. The home entertainment centre isn’t going away any time soon. We’ve come to expect TV in a club, sports bar, waiting room… even while sitting in the dentist chair!

TV’s widespread appeal offers advertisers the chance to reach mass audiences. With the vast selection of programs, there’s a channel or show for everyone. That means that you can put your message out there in front of the audiences you want to reach, and when it’s on TV, it conveys that your business is sizeable, reputable and stable.

Advertising on television is cost-effective. The cost-per-thousand (CPM) is one of the lowest of all ad mediums. The average TV viewer spends about 15 minutes out of every hour watching ads. Because TV ad budgets aren’t exorbitant, this medium received the largest portion of advertising dollars year over year around the world through 2015.3

Television and the Internet Complement Each Other

Studies have shown that TV and online channels, although they compete for eyeballs, actually work well together. Certain TV shows, in every genre, create a buzz. That buzz carries over to second-screen platforms like streamed programming and is talked about on social media.

Online stores love television. 38% of mobile users have gone online to find information about a product they saw on TV.4 When TV is combined with other media as part of a comprehensive strategy, recall rates can jump by 10% – 30%.5

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While no medium is a silver bullet, television advertising may have a legitimate place in your marketing strategy. At Brand Grow Media, our specialists can help you determine if, how, when and where television fits into your media mix. We have the resources to create a comprehensive strategy and specific tactics that effectively target your key audiences.


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