Conversion Rate Optimization

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A Systematic Approach to Improving the Performance of Your Website

A visitor to your website clicks a button to … “Sign up for our newsletter”, “Create an account”, “Add to your shopping cart”, “Download now”, etc. This is an action that you want her/him to take. It’s called conversion. It can be measured and you can initiate steps to optimize the rate of conversion.

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, takes the traffic you already have and makes the most effective use of it. In its most basic form, it enables you to measure the number of people who did whatever it is you asked them to do – sign up for your latest updates, make a purchase, and so on. To get your Conversion Rate, divide the total number of conversions by the number of visitors to your site. For example, if 1000 people visited your site within a given time period, and you secured 200 conversions, your conversion rate within that time period is 5%.

Focus on Engagement

For CRO to be truly effective, you want to break down the metrics further, and measure HOW viewers engage with your site. For example, you may want to measure how many pages the average visitor views when on your site; the percentage of people who leave your site after viewing a single page (bounce rate); or after viewing a particular page (exit rate).

You can follow a visitor’s pathway, from home page to product categories to specific product page to checkout, for example, and measure that journey against the number of conversions. You can compare two versions of a web page to see which one performs better (A/B or split testing). You can test multiple variations of a page to determine which combination of variations performs the best (multivariate testing).

These are the kinds of metrics that tell you what’s working and what’s not working on your site, and what to do to optimize conversions.

A Structured Process

There’s no set of CRO best practices that works for every site. It’s not a question of testing button colours. There are no quick wins. What is required is a structured process that takes into account the context of your business, and delivers both growth and insights. When that process is planned well and implemented correctly, you’ll gain the full benefits of CRO.

Talk To Us

At Brand Grow Media, we can create and manage the CRO process for you, or support your internal team in doing so. We start with in-depth research, and from there develop a strategy that identifies and prioritizes what engagement elements to design and test. We closely monitor these tests and analyze the conversion results. Valid results enable you to take your marketing efforts to the next level and reap the ROI you’re looking for from conversion optimization.

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