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Advances In Digital Technology Are Revolutionizing The Way Organizations Do Business, Across All Industry Sectors

Throughout my career in media, and as a former board member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada), I’ve been involved with the growth of Canadian digital marketing and advertising. I’m well aware, as I’m sure you are, too, that most internet users in Canada need a daily dose of Facebook. As well, and this won’t come as a surprise either, about half use YouTube at least twice weekly.1 Almost a quarter of Canadians stream AM/FM radio online.2 About one in 10 Canadian shoppers surveyed last year said they spend $2,000 or more on digital purchases each year.3 There’s no question that Canadians have warmed up to the internet. What does that mean for your business?

The Building Blocks

There are five basic platforms in the digital “ecosystem” that businesses use. These technologies encompass business operations, customer experience, information delivery, intelligence/ analytics, and the Internet of Things (where ordinary, everyday objects are embedded with sensors capable of linking to the Internet through wired and wireless networks). When used wisely, these platforms generate marketing revenue and reduce costs in every industry sector. They foster collaboration and innovation, and bring new products and services to targeted markets quickly.

The digital ecosystem will continue to evolve and expand in the foreseeable future in response to customer demand for real-time, more intuitive, integrated solutions and services. How do you make the best use of these platforms to attract customers and create value for them, as well as for your employees and partners?

Start With Strategy

Every organization needs a digital platform strategy to take advantage of existing and emerging technologies. The strategy will vary from company to company. Some companies will opt to design their own business model for creating or exchanging goods, services and social interaction among providers, consumers and employees. Other companies will prefer to utilize the existing platforms of compatible organizations. Regardless of the direction taken, the strategy must integrate business and IT needs and actualize a collective leadership vision.

Talk To Us

At Brand Grow Media, we can work with you to create a world-class digital marketing campaign. We’ll lay out the most viable options for your business, and help you determine the smartest platform architecture to support your future plans. When harnessed correctly, digital technologies will expand your addressable market, deliver a more valuable customer experience, create exciting new growth opportunities.


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