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More Marketers in Canada are Jumping on the Mobile Coupon Train

Coupon apps are rapidly transforming a 130-year-old tradition – collecting and shopping with paper coupons. 55% of Canadians own a smartphone and use it regularly. Of that percentage, 70% of us have used our smartphones to learn more about products while shopping in the store. 32% of us use our smartphones to compare prices while shopping.1

Efficiency at the Click of a Button

Most of us have our smartphones with us when we’re on the go. Now we can type “coupon” into our smartphone’s app store, and load the apps of our choice onto our phone for free. Each week we receive the best deals based on our preferences – discounts on specialty items, and other promotions on products and services. We can “clip” and scan coupons directly on the smartphone. We can purchase a product and upload a copy of the receipt to the coupon app.

A Powerful Marketing Tool

From Air Canada to Hudson’s Bay to Loblaws to Shoppers Drug Mart, companies across Canada are using mobile coupons to reach customers in the moment and keep them in the mood to shop. Through mobile couponing, retailers can introduce customers to new products and services, get them to buy more of a particular product, or move products that aren’t selling. They can draw customers to the store by providing mobile coupons that can be redeemed only in the store.

A mobile coupon delivered at the right time can attract shoppers who weren’t planning on visiting your store. Sending exclusive coupons to both loyal customers and new ones helps increase foot traffic, sales and customer retention.

In exchange for a small reward, retailers can gain considerable insight into consumer shopping behaviour. That information can be used to tailor discounts based on spending habits. Retailers can offer mobile coupons as a reward for providing referrals or spreading the word about their products or services on social networks.

Any way you look at it, mobile couponing is proving to be the arrow that hits the target.

Talk To Us

At Brand Grow Media, we have the expertise to help you create a mobile couponing strategy that will attract new customers and keep the loyal ones coming back. We’ll work with you to build a database that enables you to track which customers respond to which coupons, giving you a better idea of the effectiveness of each offer. That way you can send coupons to customers who are most likely to redeem them, and come up with new ways to make coupons more interesting to those customers who are less likely to redeem. Tap into our knowledge about how to make mobile couponing grow your ROI.



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