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The World’s Oldest and Largest Screen Continues to Reach People Where They Live, Work and Play.

Out-of-home advertising… We have to credit the Egyptians for this. They kicked it off thousands of years ago when they wanted to teach the public about the laws and regulations of the land. They did it by carving images on tall stone obelisks located in the squares and markets, where as many people as possible would see them.

Fast forward to today. Out-of-home advertising continues to reach as many of us as possible when we’re “on the go”, through classic billboards and posters we see along streets and highways, in subway stations, at airports, in office and residential buildings, shopping malls, retail stores, arenas and stadiums, on street furniture, almost anywhere not at home.

Without question, the oldest form of advertising remains hugely successful today. Rosanne Caron, President of the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada, explains why: “Biometric studies have revealed that when people are outside their homes, they are more alert than when they are watching TV and other screens in their homes. This is an important distinction, as alertness drives attention and memory encoding, both of which are key factors that underpin the impact of advertising.” 1

So how much impact can OOH have, given the vast number of other media competing for our attention every day? Can a single billboard, bought for one month, for instance, outperform other channels as a generator of earned media and social engagement? Aren’t there limits to how much conversation it can create?

Apparently not… On the morning of November 4, 2016, a billboard appeared on Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway. On it were just 3 words, a number, and a simple graphic. Fans of hiphop superstar Drake, clamoring for the upcoming release of his new album, immediately caught on to the cryptic message as they drove by. The one-billboard media buy racked up over 86 million impressions in a matter of days. Major news outlets ran the story of this viral phenomenon. It’s a classic example of how out-of-home can capture attention and drive online engagement. 2

The Impact of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Last year, out-of-home ad spend in Canada was forecast to increase from an estimated 760 million Canadian dollars in 2016 to 892 million Canadian dollars in 2019.3 Much of this growth can be attributed to the evolution of digital platforms, data sources and mobile convergence, which are creating new ways to reach consumers outside of their homes. The use of data, for example, to report sports scores, weather and even pollution levels have been used to generate ad copy. 4

And Canadians like to interact with ad copy. According to a 2016 study:

• 81% of shoppers in Toronto find that DOOH is seen as an effective way to communicate important and timely information, while over three quarters (71%) in Montreal and 63% in Vancouver agree.
• Almost 5 in 10 shoppers in major cities Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are interested in interacting with digital ads to obtain information or promo offers on products/services.
• Attention levels are highest (79%) among urban adults age 35 – 49, a group that has an active lifestyle and spends more than half their day outside the home.
• Attention levels are also high among smartphone owners (73%), providing opportunities for advertisers to interact with shoppers to provide offers and product/store information.5

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