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The Linchpin of Your Marketing Plan

You can spend millions of dollars on a sophisticated marketing plan, but if the customer experience falls flat, no amount of money is going to convert or keep customers. Conversely, delivering a great customer experience is proven to have significant positive impact on sales and operations.

When you create a positive brand experience, people will share it online. And many consumers – almost half – do just that. Their endorsements, depending on your industry category, can be worth anywhere from 2x the value of an ad, for low cost and low involvement, to 100x the value of an ad, for higher cost and higher involvement. *

Who Does CX Well?

Research has shown that brands that rank highest in delivering consistently good customer experiences share common characteristics. At the top of the list are corporate attitude, being easy to do business with, being helpful when a customer has a problem, and the attitude of their people. As well, top performers all have a strong online presence. They deliver outstanding social customer support across all channels. They make support available 24/7, engage in live chat, and respond to tweets within minutes. Many have followers in the millions.

Most importantly, CX superstars deliver on the ground. Here are a few examples of how they go the extra mile:


Canadian airline WestJet is committed to maintaining an ethics-driven culture. This includes both customers— its “guests”—and employees, who benefit from a generous profit-sharing program. Here’s a great example of how this plays out: A future bride and groom flew to a foreign city to be married, only to discover that her wedding dress hadn’t arrived. The baggage handlers contracted by WestJet had failed to load it on the plane. When the flight staff heard about this, they didn’t wait for permission from management – they chipped in themselves to buy the panicking bride a new $1,500 gown. Needless to say, she was thrilled.

Compare this to the treatment Canadian musician Dave Carroll received a few years ago from United Airlines. After managing to break his $3,500 guitar in transit, the airlines clearly demonstrated they were in no hurry to take care of the issue. Carroll later performed a song in concert, which he also posted on YouTube, entitled “United Breaks Guitars.” It didn’t boost the company’s ratings. **


The Canadian national telecommunications company understands the importance of the customer experience. As posted on its website, it’s committed to “putting the customer at the heart of everything we do – listening and learning to deliver the best experience possible.” With an employee engagement score of 87%, the company receives about 75% fewer complaints than its major competitors, according to the telecommunications services complaints commissioner. ***


The Canadian reusable moving box rental company fulfills a need for a convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to using cardboard boxes for moving. Their commitment to making “your move as easy and affordable as possible” extends to service as well as supplies. One customer wrote this about her experience:

“The staff were fantastic – called us back immediately, promptly dropped everything off and picked it up on time! Usually I find things with delivery times end up being a 2 hour window and you have no idea when they’ll actually come – Frogbox arrived exactly when we wanted them to (minimal/no waiting around). We were also able to extend the order by 1 week, for a very minimal fee, which really helped us with the whole moving experience. Thanks!” ****


Amazon’s commitment to great customer service is explained with flair by CEO Jeff Bezos: “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” A great example of how they do this is when they shipped, free of charge on Christmas Eve, a new Playstation 3 to a little boy to make his Christmas that much more magical. *****


From the start, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had a clear line of sight to the importance of customer experience. As he put it, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology — not the other way around.” Apple is known for doing everything they can to help customers. They get it that not only are tech products pricey, but addressing tech-oriented problems is usually beyond the expertise of most owners. Apple’s solution has been to create a massive retail infrastructure – 454 retail stores around the globe – to provide a welcome layer of convenience to users who need to bring a product in to be examined. ******

Reaping the Rewards

It’s no coincidence that companies widely recognized for creating an outstanding customer experience see impressive gains on the revenue front. Here are a few examples, posted in 2015:

  • Amazon Q4 14, net sales increased by 15% over Q4 13
  • Apple 39.9% profit per product (3 months to end Dec 14)
  • Disney Earnings per share up 27% in year to Dec 2014
  • Air New Zealand Earnings before taxation up 20% in H1 15 vs H1 14
  • Mercedes Revenue increased 12% from 2013 to 2014
  • Starbucks Revenue rise 13% in Q1 FY15
  • BMW 7% increase in vehicle sales in Jan 15 vs Jan 14 *******

There’s no question that creating the right customer experience is commercially rewarding.

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At Brand Grow, we work with companies to incorporate winning customer experience tactics into their marketing strategies. We provide the metrics to measure the success of each tactic. Our goal is to help you stand out from the competition by creating a brand experience second to none.


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