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Brandon Grosvenor wrote this on Feb 18, 2016 | 0 comments

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Brand Grow disrupts the mindset of marketers with a new approach and more choice.

What’s the BGM difference?
We offer a premium advertising/media experience, not a commodity flat experience. We don’t sell programming to marketers at the cheapest rate. Operating as a cooperative, we tap into some 1,200 vendors, experts and creatives. This allows us to match the right person to the right client to deliver absolutely the right strategy and tactics.

What impact is this having on clients?
Drawing on fresh and disruptive tactics, we try to invoke a sense of challenge to the status quo. We can execute whatever you want, but there’s never been a better time to try different things. And the newer tactics are quite often more cost effective. So utilize some of that extra cash flow. Take advantage of channels you’ve never tried. There’s more choice than ever. You don’t need to be locked into the same campaigns with diminishing returns.

Do you recommend abandoning the traditional ad agency model completely?
No. It could be both BGM and traditional. We can plug in and fulfill the everyday order for your campaign. But once you challenge the status quo, it’s very hard to go back to that traditional approach.

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