Happy Holidays – A year to Remember

Brandon Grosvenor wrote this on Dec 20, 2019 | 0 comments

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‘Twas the month before ’20 when our friends to the south
Impeached that peach-coloured id with a mouth

Our biz here at Brand Grow’s out-“Brand-Grown” our past
(And we bet you can’t say that line three times fast!)

This fourth year in business, our wins did entail
Some tech, automotive, and financial retail
But also some travel, education as well
Plus charity work, so we don’t go to Hell

“On Molok! On Kindred! On UTMM!”
And others whose great names don’t rhyme well with them

Yes, things here at Brand Grow are growing apace
But this rhyming’s becoming a pain in the ace

OK! That’s out of our system and we don’t have to do anything like it for a year—maybe not till 2029.

As the hackneyed rhyming couplets indicated, it’s been a great four years for Brand Grow and we thank our clients, partners and team for making it happen.

This past year alone saw new media planning projects across all major media disciplines with some clever digital executions vis OTT, multiscreen display, social and search.

Of course, pretty much all marketing’s online these days—even what’s offline is discussed and analyzed here—but not everyone’s doing it well. Small wonder so few agencies are enjoying such a bounty—and variety—of clients as we’ve been lucky enough to grow. Examples?

We saw new business from clients as diverse as the Italian National Tourist Board, University of Toronto, Ting Mobile and Fiber Internet, Kindred Credit Union, Molok Waste Management North America, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and Penske Truck Leasing.

If you’re looking for a theme running through that list, you’re not likely to find it on the surface. However, they all have high standards and have trusted Brand Grow to responsibly deliver results.
Media Strategy and Planning, and Multi-faceted Brand Building remain our two greatest areas of focus but we’ve been asked to sit on many panels. We’ve also been dropped into some specialized industry-consulting opportunities, many of which show signs of growing. Or Brand Growing as our in-house marketing poet* wrote above.

We’re deeply grateful for all the word-of-mouth referrals our clients and colleagues provided. Overwhelmingly our account wins have come through industry referrals and we continue to be humbled by kind words and opportunities they represent. All the experience and marketing schooling in the world doesn’t change the unspun truth. The best kind of advertising always has been and remains third-party word-of-mouth.

Think of about: If Fonzy tells you he’s cool, you may not be convinced. But if Ritchie and Potsy tell you Fonzy’s cool, you’re more open to their less biased endorsement. Then from that stage of quasi-trust, it’s up to the Fonz himself to prove he’s cool. Which is why we say your advertising needs to show not tell—you know, demonstrate that you’re cool or funny or whatever, don’t just say it.

So, most of all we wish to thank all of our clients who’ve trusted us with their brands—several of whom have told others we’re cool—and our partners and employees for demonstrating it. Thereby making 2019 the best year yet. We raise our cup of virtual eggnog to you all and say: Here’s hoping year five Brand Grows even more outstandingly.

*Marketing poet? No other agency could use the expression “Brand Growing” without looking like thieves. Ask about Brand Growing your brand.

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