Technology: we’ll make your sky blue!

Brandon Grosvenor wrote this on Mar 31, 2016 | 0 comments

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Our “blue sky sessions” help people think about technology in different ways.

As part of our premium service, Brand Grow will bring together five or six of the brightest minds for your CMO’s team to talk to about the profound technology that’s out there, and what makes the most sense for certain types of campaigns. A “blue sky session” of this nature generates new thinking not constrained by current beliefs. We professionally facilitate the session in order to create an open, informal discussion where everyone feels welcome to participate.

After the session, our panel can go a step further, helping to map out a strategy for a particular campaign, and the technologies that make the most sense for rolling it out. The CMO is welcome to run with it from there, or work with Brand Grow through implementation.

Put our thought leadership to work for you. It could lead to ground-breaking ideas.

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