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Brandon Grosvenor wrote this on Apr 21, 2016 | 0 comments

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Make the shift from siloed tactics to a cross-platform strategy.

Traditionally, we’ve followed consumers to smartphones, gotten to know them, and figured out ways to engage them. We’ve done the same with laptop consumers, and tablet consumers. This siloed approach worked fine in the past, but it’s not that effective any more.

Today, an increasing number of consumers split their attention over multiple devices. This calls for a more holistic strategy for how we reach and engage multi-device users, and how we gather intelligence about them. Brand Grow Media can help with this. In fact, this is where we excel.

Cross-platform strategy development

At Brand Grow, we help marketers link data intelligence across platforms to create multi-channel campaigns focused on their target audiences. We work with them to create a coherent strategy and consistent messaging across all platforms that clearly expresses their brand’s unique voice. As platforms evolve, we help them change the strategy accordingly, ensuring that their message remains consistent.

Our clients continue to reach their target groups, but in a more tech savvy, agile way that builds trust with consumers, so that they want to communicate with the brand.

Growth in multi-device users


(Source: “Digital Democracy Survey,” Deloitte Development LLC, March 26, 2014)


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