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Brandon Grosvenor wrote this on Apr 28, 2016 | 0 comments

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Research is showing that online video ads and content drive higher attention and connection than TV.

Newly published biometric data reveals that Canadians are consistently more attentive and connected—and therefore, more engaged—with online video than TV.

750 people taking part in a recent study* were shown the same ten ads. Data revealed that the ads were 39% more engaging when shown via online video than when shown on TV. The same applied to content. Overall, online video content was 28% more engaging than TV content.

Good news for marketers

As the study concludes, “Viewers are tuned in. You don’t need to work as hard to get viewer attention on online video. This is especially true on mobile: People usually hold these devices closer to their faces and inherently associate these devices with the ability to make their own choices.

“Greater attention enhances the potential for more opportunities to connect with your audience. You don’t have to yell to be heard—they’re already listening… They’re primed… to connect with your brand’s story.”

To truly understand the dynamic between online video vs. traditional TV, give Brand Grow a call.

*Source: Think with Google, Jan 2016

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